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Mötesplats Rydberg: Melissa Franklin "How to Teach Post-Millenials: Some small steps forward in Teaching and Learning in the Physics department at Harvard"

Tuesday, 19 March 2019 from to (Europe/Stockholm)
at Fysiska institutionen-Physics Department ( 1-4-Rydbergsalen - Rydbergsalen )

I will talk about various innovations in the way we teach physics and the way the students learn physics, in the first 4 years of university at Harvard. This includes the introduction of new learning spaces, the replacement of traditional lectures with active learning lectures, the use of physics demonstrations in non-traditional classes, the introduction of professors into the classroom laboratories, the introduction of projects in classes in the place of final examinations, and the introduction of 1st year small seminars. I will include the practice of informal but curated learning in groups including graduate students and professors and post-docs. I will then discuss innovations in the evaluation of learning.