Technical Coordination Weekly



Balazs Konya (Lunds universitet)
Technical coordination group members and invited persons
10 June 2015, 14:05 - 14:35

Present: Jon, Balazs, David, Aleksandr, Oxana


Tech meeting notes: Balazs is finalising them. Jon found out that logging situation is worse than was presented even. Information should be collected in some (hidden) Wiki, whenever Jon will become available.

EGI starts a federated storage activity, ARC doesn't really belong there, but dCache is in. EGI also is up to a better book-keeping, accounting and monitoring.


Jon synched 5.0 branch with trunk, a bugfix would be handy. Bug 3489 would be good to fix simultaneously, as it blocks ARC5 upgrade on Condor sites. Christian is away, but perhaps Andrew can fix it. 

The blocker bug 3468 is only partially blocking, so can be demoted.

Instead of a release candidate, we can use EPEL testing (and NorduGrid testing repo); Anders however believes it has to be tested and working before going to EPEL (one shouldn't submit totally untested stuff there, it is only for integration testing). Alternatively, people can use nightlies to test the release.

Tag can happen next week (before June 19).


May digest is approved


  • Oxana asks Andrew to fix 3489, if it is as simple as he thinks
  • Jon calls for testing
  • Oxana sends the monthly digest around

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