17 June 2015, 14:00 - 15:25
Present: Anders, Balazs, Mattias, Aleksandr, Oxana (David and Jon - chat only)


Mattias reports on (unannounced) reverse DNS lookup changes in Globus that were reverted for now. Some packaging broke because of new compiler, fixed now. Jon learns how to become a Fedora packager.

Oxana reports that US CMS succeeded to remove BDII dependency, so need neither Glue1 nor Glue2; the rest of CMS, ATLAS and others however still nmake use of BDII. ALICE needs to know nr of queing jobs and this is expected to be visible in the VOview of the BDII, which can well be in Glue2.

Oxana also created a release notes template for 15.03u1 and suggests to have a minor tag for the documents as well.

Balazs raises an issue of a task tracking system (again), Oxana dreams of a more advanced system, like Redmine or Trac or such.

Fall will be busy with workshops: back-ends, clouds, NDGF all-hands, WLCG Condor+ARC, kick-off for the NordFosrk project; effort has to be distributed somehow.

Anders got the new TERENA certificate back-end up and working for the University of Copenhagen  (user certificates). Plans to connect nordugrid.org as an organisation to the university domain.


Tag was delayed because nightlies suffered from several issues (power cuts, new python CLI tests). All fixed now, testing can continue. The tag will be delayed.