ARC7 technical workshop in Lund

H322, H422 and K262 (Fysicum)

H322, H422 and K262


Professorsgatan 1, Lund, Sweden

The NorduGrid Collaboration invites ARC developers, system administrators and interested ARC users to our next face to face workshop in Lund, Sweden. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss the next major ARC release, the ARC 7.

Preliminary schedule is organized as:

  • Wednesday: ARC 7 content discussion
  • Thursday: ARC 7 preparation timeline, testing and roll-out discussion

Participation is free of charge while registration is mandatory!


  • Aleksandr Konstantinov
  • Andrej Filipcic
  • Andrii Salnikov
  • Balazs Konya
  • David Cameron
  • Evgeny Stambulchik
  • Florido Paganelli
  • Gianfranco Sciacca
  • Jaime Frey
  • Jakob Merljak
  • Joao Pina
  • Maiken Pedersen
  • Mary Hester
  • Mikael Myllymäki
  • Oxana Smirnova
  • Patryk Lason
  • Roger Oscarsson
  • Thomas Birkett
  • Tomas Lindén
  • Wednesday, 4 May
    • 10:00 21:30
      Day 1

      ARC 7 content discussion

      • 10:00
        Welcome and introduction 30m H322



        Speaker: Balazs Konya (Lunds universitet)
      • 10:45
        REST in ARC7 30m H322



        The purpose of this session is to collect feedback on the REST interface already deployed at many sites.

        Discuss if any interface specification adjustment is needed for ARC7

      • 11:15
        Accounting in ARC 2h H322



        -Quick overview, most common issues, whishlist for

        -Treatment of multiple benchmarks

      • 13:20
        lunch 1h H322 (Fysicum)



      • 14:25
        Scalability: the new controldir structure 30m H322



        During this session we will discuss howto test and roll-out the available new feature Aleksandr developed.

        The new controldir structure is going to be one of the major backward NON compatible changes in ARC7

      • 15:00
        Condor and ARC7 30m H322



        A dedicated slot to understand nothing will be broken with Condor. Please note in September there'll be a more detailed hackathlon with ARC and Condor involved

      • 15:30
        Hunting for the missing walltime: how ARC internals and LRMS interacts with each other 1h H322



        This session will discuss how information is propagated among various ARC internals (such as AREX, Backend scripts, accounting subsystem) and the local batch system (LRMS). We will use the "missing walltime" puzzle as an example (see bug 4050).

      • 16:35
        Interface consolidation plans in ARC7 1h H322



        Time to figure out what to do with all those legacy, semi-legacy interfaces we have in ARC6 now that the REST interface is production-ready.

        This session will try to decide which interface to keep and which one we can label obsoleted or even remove from ARC7.

        By ARC inteface we mean both the job management (gridftp-job, emies, REST) AND the information retreival intefaces (LDAP-ng, LDAP-nordugrid, LDAP-glue2, glue2-xml, rest-xml)

      • 19:30
        Dinner 2h H322 (Fysicum)



    • 09:00 13:05
      Day 2a

      ARC 7 preparation timeline

      • 09:15
        A new ACT client 30m
      • 09:50
        Job description in ARC7 1h

        ARC 7, being a major release, allows us to make non-backward compatible changes.

        Therefore this is our time window to make any minor/major non-compatible changes in the job description area, let it be modifying some parameters in XRSL or even proposing to drop some supported job description format or introduce a complete new thing

      • 10:50
        Tokens and non-tokens in ARC7 30m

        Discussion block to see if the current status of token support in ARC is sufficient and how the token world can be combined with the x509-world in ARC7

      • 11:50
        ARC.CONF 30m
      • 12:20
        ARC 7 Documentation 30m
    • 12:35 13:35
      lunch 1h
    • 13:35 18:30
      Day 2b

      ARC 7 testing and roll-out

      • 14:10
        The "old-code" laundry list of Mattias 1h

        This block is to understand which code parts are "aging bad", i.e. which components, libraries, code parts will soon cause us headaches because of difficult maintenance or because there are targeted for discontinued support in newer distributions.

        Mattias Ellert and Anders Waananen will bootstrap the discussion.

      • 15:10
        Obsolete and Retire in ARC7 1h

        Discussion block to figure out which functionality is not used any longer by ur community, what services/features we can drop from ARC7 for various reasons

      • 16:15
        Last minute feature request for ARC7 30m

        Here we will check if there is any last minute wish for ARC7 that we still can realistically implement to be included in ARC7

      • 16:45
        ARC7 release preparation timeline 30m
      • 17:25
        wrap up 15m