27-30 June 2017
Tromsø, Norway
Europe/Oslo timezone
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Tromsø, Norway - Teknologibygget

Population models


  • Jozef ČERNÁK

Primary authors


Is it possible to reverse the low total fertility rate (TFR) in the developed world? Using a hypothetical model of population we have analyzed the decline of the TFR which have took place in the background of ongoing global economic changes, and a liberalization process after the end of the Cold War. These phenomena have affected more that 110 millions of inhabitants of Central Europe and the Baltics and approximately 80 millions of inhabitants in Germany. The model has features of complex and evolving system of interacting individuals, and it enables to investigate a broad spectrum of input factors on individual decisions to limit the offspring. Evolving agents with simple implementation of AI features are key elements of the model. The model is in the initial state so we present initial ideas how to realize it.