Geant4 Tutorial

by Luis Sarmiento Pico (Lunds universitet), Makoto Asai, Dennis Wright, Mihaly Novak

from to (Europe/Stockholm)
at Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics ( Lyra )
Sölvegatan 27, 223 62 Lund

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Registrations are now closed for non-LU personnel =(

This course is intended primarily for second and third cycle students from Lund University.

GEANT4 ( is a toolkit for simulating the passage of particles through matter. It is the reference simulation engine in many areas. GEANT4 covers all relevant physics processes, electromagnetic, hadronic, decay, optical, for long and short lived particles, for energy range spanning from tens of eV to TeV scale. The transport of low energy neutrons down to thermal energies is also be handled. The software can also simulate remnants of hadronic interactions, including atomic de-excitation and provides extension to low energies down to the DNA scale for biological modelling. The software is based on a sound object-oriented design which favours a variety of application development by the community, like for example the propagation of acoustic phonons in cryogenic crystals, the Geant4 Application for Tomographic Emission (GATE), the beam line simulation (G4BEAMLINE) and others

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Participants Jonatan Adolfsson; Ander Gray; Eva Hansen; Gustavo Kertzscher; Katja Mankinen; Caterina Marcon; Nicholai Mauritzson; Adrian Nassirpour; Emil Rofors; Eleni Skorda; Nikolai Starinski
Organised by Luis Sarmiento Pico
Organizer Email: Telephone: +46 46 2221707