NorduGrid 2019

K404 (Dept. of Physics)


Dept. of Physics

Department of Physics, Lund University, Sölvegatan 14
Farid Ould-Saada (University of Oslo)

The NorduGrid Conference

Evolution of resource connectors - outlook beyond 2020

The Annual NorduGrid Conference 2019 takes place in Lund, Sweden, on June 11-14. It starts with the ARC Technical Workshop on June 11-13, and ends with the plenary section on June 13-14. This year's conference addresses the following topics: the new ARC6 release, transition from CREAM resource manager to ARC resource connector, next generation resource managers, research data challenge, and computing paradigm change.

The NorduGrid Conference is a long running tradition and the major annual gathering of the scientific community around the ARC middleware, bringing together experts from data intensive sciences and distributed computing, including resource providers, technology developers and researchers from academia and industry.


Participants are kindly asked to register and indicate whether they will attend both the plenary conference (Thursday-Friday) and the technical workshop (Tuesday-Thursday), or either of the events.

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Technical Meeting program
  • Aleksandr Konstantinov
  • Alessandro Paolini
  • Andrej Filipcic
  • Andrii Salnikov
  • Balazs Konya
  • Barbara Krasovec
  • Bouchra Rahim
  • Christian Søttrup
  • David Cameron
  • Dejan Lesjak
  • Dino Conciatore
  • Dmytro Karpenko
  • Farid Ould-Saada
  • Florido Paganelli
  • Geoffrey Mullier
  • Gianfranco Sciacca
  • John Womersley
  • Jon Kerr Nilsen
  • Lene Krøl Andersen
  • Maiken Pedersen
  • Maria Francesca Iozzi
  • Martin Andersen
  • Massimiliano Guarrasi
  • Mattias Ellert
  • Mattias Wadenstein
  • Max Isacson
  • Michal Svatos
  • Mikael Rännar
  • Oxana Smirnova
  • Pekka Manninen
  • Peter Neubauer
  • Petter A. Urkedal
  • Roger Oscarsson
  • Sigve Haug
  • Tomas Lindén
  • Vincent Garonne
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