27-30 June 2017
Tromsø, Norway
Europe/Oslo timezone


Technical workshop

27 Jun 2017, 09:00
Teknologibygget (Tromsø, Norway)


Tromsø, Norway

Hansine Hansens veg 55, 9019 Tromsø, Norway


Preliminary list of topics. The actual agenda will be fixed on Tuesday morning.

1) The next generation Information Index Service for ARC: ARCHERY, the ARC Hierarchical Endpoints Registry.
--Intro presentation by Andrii Salnikov
--Discussion on deployment, operation, migration & retirement of the old EGIS framework.

2) Managing VO-based access control in ARC (authgroups and other VO related concepts) versus VO's in ATLAS/WLCG.
--Initial presentation by Andrej Filipcic and Oxana,

3) Elasticsearch and ARC
-- presentation by Dmytro
-- discussion

-- presentation by Maiken

5) Evolution of ATLAS Distributed Data Management and its possible impact on ARC future,
-- presentation by Vincent Garonne
-- discussion

6) Living in a world of no Globus: the effects of the Globus support discontinuation news.
-- presentation by Mattias
-- discussion

7) Post mortem analysis and report on recent ARC instability troubles: the problem(s), the fixes and the lesson learnt.
-- Intro by Oxana and Aleksander
-- Discussion

8) Misuse of mutexes and broken state of locking in ARC. Problems with sqlite3 delegation db.
-- Presentation by Ulf

9) Infosys I/O performance tests in the control-directory.
-- Presentation by Florido
-- discussion afterwards

10) Feedback from KIT/German cloud (to be confirmed)

11) Status Report from the ARC release manager: release plans, release procedures, svn status. Content of the next major release.
-- presentation by Maiken followed by discussions

12) Client-side development: API status, support status and plans for python, java, etc.. and the bad practice of coding against the CLI.
-- Initial presentation by Martin
-- discussion

13) The new ARC config (server-side).
-- presentation by Balazs,
-- discussion

Presentation Materials

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