Travel details

In order to get to the Lund C central station you pick a train from the Copenhagen (CPH) airport in the direction of Malmo (the track will be on your right when you walk out from “Arrivals”). The “Lund C” station will be the fourth one, right after Malmo C. It takes about half an hour to get to Lund C from the airport. You can get a ticket in red ticket machines with signature “Tickets to Sweden” which are located in the middle of the hall, just before going down to the platform.

Google map of how to get to/from the Lund C, Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics and the Hotel Finn in Lund can be found here. The bus timetable in Lund can be found here:

As soon as you get to Sölvegatan 14A, you see our building and entrance as pointed by the red arrow here:

Then, you are in front of the entrance as shown here:

Once you get inside, turn right and go one floor upstairs as follows:

Now turn left, and go along the corridor till the end of it, and you will see the meeting room as encircled on this picture: