27-31 August 2018
Europe/Stockholm timezone
23rd Geant4 Collaboration Meeting

Travelling to Lund

Coming to Lund the easy way

By far the easiest way to come to Lund is to Fly to Copenhagen airpot (CPH) which has direct flights from many places in the world and it is usually one connection away from major airports in the world.

Once in Copenhagen Airrport take a train Between the airport and Lund Central Station. This is an international train between Copenhagen (Denmark) and Lund (Sweden). Depending on where your accomodation is you may need to take a local bus. Please note that the ticket you have from the Airtport to Lund C is also valid for the local commute in Lund; just show the ticket to the bus driver.

For more detailed instructions please read below:

Coming to Lund the easy way (details)

Once you picked up your baggage, exit through customs and walk straight for some 50 m. To your left and right you will then see the entrances to platform 1 (typically towards Sweden, departure every 20 min) and platform 2 (typically towards downtown Copenhagen). In case you need to buy a train ticket to Lund, there are ticket machines at this spot of the departure hall as well. Use those machines which have the label Skånetrafiken. You can change the language first, then for a single ticket, press first ‘Lund C’ on the screen (Lund is one of the preselected destinations), then press the symbol of the bridge, and chose payment with credit card, pay (140 SEK, i.e. some 14€ or $16), take the ticket, and then walk down to the platform. See https://www.cph.dk/en/ for any further information on Copenhagen Airport.

Usually, all Öresund-trains with direction Sweden also serve Lund C. Following the tunnel and bridge between Denmark and Sweden, the first train stop in Sweden is ‘Hyllie’. Here, the official Swedish border control by Swedish police is taking place, while passengers usually remain seated in the train. You simply have to show your passport. After some 10-15 minutes, the train will continue to ‘Malmö Triangeln’, then ‘Malmö Central’, and already the following stop is ‘Lund Central’. The travel time between ‘Malmö Central’ and ‘Lund Central’ is about 10 minutes. To total travel time between Copenhagen airport and Lund C is about 40 minutes.

Coming to Lund in other ways

If you have strong reasons to fly to other airports this is a list of available one to choose from.

  • Malmö airport  (small local aiport connected to Lund via taxi and bus)
  • Gothenburg (plus ~3h train ride to Lund)
  • Either Stockholm Airport (Both of them over 5h by train to Lund)

Coming to Lund in even more ways

Depending on your travel arrangements, it is also possible to come to Lund by Train (approx. 10h from Frankfurt for reference) or by car  (also approx. 10h from Frankfurt). There is a number of ferries that one can consider as viable options when coming by car. Please contact Pico (Luis.Sarmiento@nuclear.lu.se) should you want to discuss this further.