27-31 August 2018
Europe/Stockholm timezone
23rd Geant4 Collaboration Meeting

Getting around Lund

Please note that Sweden is almost a cashless economy so do not be surprised if you go to a Coffee Shop and they don't take your newly obtained Swedish Crowns.




Also, bear in mind the location (Sölvegatan 27, 22362 Lund) of the Collaboration Meeting before booking your accomodation.

The Lund's visitors webpage is an excellent resource for all your travels needs.

Lund was founded in the 990 and has been well-visited ever since. Based on the southwest ridge of Romeleåsen, Lund is today Sweden’s 11th biggest city. Coming to Lund is easy, either by train, bus, plane or car. Lund has also a well developed public transport network making it easy to get around. The most popular way to explore the city is by bike, so why not do like the people of Lund and discover the city on two wheels?

Bike and/or Walk around Lund

Walking and biking around is what we do(!) regardless of weather. Even turists and visitors enjoy those activities. It is very common that hotels have bikes to lend for their guests.

Public Transport in Lund

Taking buses and train to, and within, Lund is easy. Just remember... NO CASH! You can pay your ride with either.

  • Using your mobile: Buy the ticket on the app and just scan the ticket (QR code) while entering the bus by any door. For trains just have your phone ready when the inspectors checks the tickets. Apps are available for Android and iOS.
  • Credit/debit card: pay directly to the bus driver. For trains buy ticket beforehand.
  • JOJO card (prepaid transportation card): same procedure as with credit/debit card.

Probably the easiest way to go about using public transportation is using your mobile. JOJO cards can be purchased and topped up at Skånetrafiken kiosks located at central stations.