10-14 June 2024
Lund University, Physics Department
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Scientific Programme

The preliminary programme, consisting of 7 topical sessions, is listed below. Talks are 30+5 minutes.

  • Imaging and X-ray techniques (Monday Afternoon)

    Speaker Title Affiliation Time
    Tim A. Butcher Magnetic Nanoscale Imaging with Soft X-ray Ptychography Paul Scherrer Institut 13:30-14:05
    Claudiu Bulbucan Tunable Magnetic Sample Environment at SoftiMAX SoftiMAX beamline, MAX IV 14:05-14:40
    COFFEE 14:40-15:00
    Felix Sorgenfrei Theory of X-ray absorption spectroscopy for ferrites Uppsala University 15:00-15:35
    Hedda Christine Soland Lorentz-STEM imaging of artificial spin ice structures using a conventional ADF detector Lund University 15:35-16:10
  • Skyrmions (Tuesday Morning)

    Speaker Title Affiliation Time
    Sagar Sarkar Role of inter-layer magnetic coupling in GdRu2Si2 and its modulation with uniaxial pressure Uppsala University 09:15-09:50
    Rohit Pathak The physical mechanism of skyrmion stability and mechanical control in GdRu2Si2 Uppsala University 09:50-10:25
    COFFEE 10:25-10:45
    Claudio Verdozzi Skyrmions from localized spins and itinerant electrons Lund University 10:45-11:20
    Ivan de Paula Miranda Induced magnetic moments and spin textures in synthetic ferrimagnetic Pt/Co/Gd heterolayers Uppsala University 11:20-11:55
  • Applications and Devices (Tuesday Afternoon)

    Speaker Title Affiliation Time
    Sanna Awlmark Magnetic consequences of hypervelocity impact - A close-up of magnetite shock features and changes in magnetic properties in rocks from the Siljan impact structure in Sweden Department of Geology, Lund University 13:30-14:05
    Akash Kumar Magnetic tunnel junction-based readout for spin Hall nano-oscillators University of Gothenburg, Sweden 14:05-14:40
    Pavel Bessarab Energy-efficient control of magnetic states Linnaeus University 14:40-15:15
    COFFEE 15:15-15:35
    Mehran Sedrpooshan Magnetization Reversal in Self-Assembled 1D Nanostructures; a Multiscale Study Lund University 15:35-16:10
    Avinash Kumar Chaurasiya Tunable cross talk between coherently excited phonons and magnons using femtosecond laser comb University of Gothenburg, Sweden 16:10-16:45
  • Posters (Tuesday late afternoon)

    Poster format: A0, portrait

  • 2D materials and topology (Wednesday Morning)

    Note: this session takes place in Lundmarksalen in the Astronomy building, just across the street from the physics building!

    Speaker Title Affiliation Time
    Carlo Maria Canali Chern and axion topological phases in magnetic topological insulator thin-film heterostructures Linnaeus University 08:50-09:25
    Alexander Edström Magnetoelectricity of topological solitons in 2D magnets KTH Royal Institute of Technology 09:25-10:00
    Biplab Sanyal High temperature 2D magnets: insights from ab initio theory Uppsala University 10:00-10:35
    COFFEE 10:35-10:50
    Shahid Sattar Surface reconstruction effects in thin-films of antiferromagnetic topological insulator MnBi2Te4 Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden 10:50-11:25
    Thorbjørn Skovhus Minority magnons in monolayer Fe3GeTe2 Technical University of Denmark 11:25-12:00
  • Strong Correlations (Wednesday Afternoon)

    Note: this session takes place in Lundmarksalen in the Astronomy building, just across the street from the physics building!

    Speaker Title Affiliation Time
    Pascale Deen Magnetism, topology and the hyperkagome lattice ESS/ Copenhagen University 13:30-14:05
    Ahmed Alshemi Investigating the superconducting state of 2H-NbS2 as seen by the vortex lattice Lund University 14:05-14:40
    Carmine Autieri Staggered Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in altermagnets and magnetic interfaces International Research Centre MagTop, Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences 14:40-15:15
    COFFEE 15:15-15:35
    Hugo U. R. Strand Larmor precession in strongly correlated itinerant electron systems Örebro University 15:35-16:10
    Mathias Augustin Estimation of exchange parameters in systems deformed by a strain-gradient KTH 16:10-16:45
  • Conference Dinner

    Conference dinner at Bryggan (IKDC). The dinner starts at 19:00 and will be a three-course dinner. Sign up on the registration form!

    The restaurant is reachable by tram via the stop Ideonstorget, or by foot from the conference location.

  • Modeling and Learning (Thursday Morning)

    Speaker Title Affiliation Time
    Danny Thonig Non-local spin and lattice damping from first principles School of Science and Technology, Örebro University 09:20-09:55
    Fredrik Nilsson Computational discovery of point defects for quantum technology Technical University of Denmark 09:55-10:30
    COFFEE 10:30-10:50
    Maryna Pankratova Machine learning method for magnetic interactions extraction Uppsala University 10:50-11:25
    Vladislav Borisov Some thoughts on scale-bridging modelling of magnets Uppsala University 11:25-12:00
  • ESS Visit (Thursday Afternoon)

    We will travel together to ESS by tram, we will meet in front of Physics at 13:20. The visit itself starts at 14:00.

  • Nanoparticles and amorpheous materials (Friday Morning)

    Speaker Title Affiliation Time
    Julia Löfstrand Uncovering the initial nucleation during ultra-fast annealing of Fe-Co-Nb-B bulk metallic glasses Uppsala University 09:10-09:45
    Rasmus Westerström Template-free generation of functional magnetic nanostructures with tunable composition Lund University 09:45-10:20
    COFFEE 10:20-10:40
    Discussion session Main scientific challenges, how to organize magnetism research, needs at/for large research infrastructure 10:40-11:15